Frequently Asked Questions

In the rules for the competition you request minimal, if any, editing, and allow for some cropping. Does this apply to the use of the auto functions in Lightroom, Photoshop, or Aperture?

It's not so much that editing should be minimal it's that any digital processing in most categories should be appropriate and used to enhance the quality of the image and not to distort it. So if auto is used in Photoshop/Lightroom you need to judge for yourself if the result is good or completely over the top. From my own experience I think the auto settings can be useful and good with certain images but can blow out others and lose highlight, shadow and colour detail.

Any use of Lightroom in Raw for instance to enhance and preserve highlight and shadow detail is to be encouraged not prohibited as it's a way of optimising the detail in the original scene and not a distortion. Cloning in a sky from another image is obviously a no-no however.

We are not trying to lock photographers into straitjackets with these rules we're trying to make it clear that it's a photography contest and not a Photoshop contest. There are no holds barred in the Open category and there is scope for playing with colour in the colour category.

Frank Miller, chair of judging panel

How many images can I enter in the Awards?

You can enter up to 21 photographs in the Awards across all 7 categories. You can enter up to 3 images in each category

How many times can I enter?

Each photographer can enter the Awards just once. You can enter 1 to 21 photographs.

How do I resize an image?

4,800 pixels is maximum size you can enter in the Awards. Your image will need to be smaller than 4,800 pixels wide and 4,800 pixels tall. The smallest size is 1,200 pixels. Your image will need to be bigger than 1,200 pixels wide and 1,200 pixels tall.

This is the maximum sizes you can enter. You can enter smaller photographs.

If you need help resizing a photograph the following websites explain how to resize an image:

If you own a Windows PC:

If you own an Apple Mac:

Is there a fee to enter the Awards?

Yes, there is fee to enter the photography awards.

How much is it to enter the Photography Awards?

We charge per category. You can enter up to 3 images in each category. The costs are as follows:
€12 One category;
€16 Any two categories;
€22 Any three categories;
€26 Any four categories;
€30 Any five categories;
€34 Any six categories;
€38 Any seven categories;

Do I have to be 18 years or older to enter?

Yes, you must be over 18 years of age to enter the competition

I’d like to add another photograph to my entry, can I do that?

No, once your entry is finalised and you pay the entrance fee you will not be able change your entry.

Will the system remember me and my entry if I go away and come back?

Yes, the system will remember the images that you’ve uploaded and any information that you’ve entered. You can log in, and out, at any time and complete your entry at your leisure.

Can I enter images that I’ve uploaded to my own website and onto my Flickr Account?

Yes, you can